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At allaroundintensity we have a sort of fight club mentality. We treat the members only club as something greater and membership is earned and never given. Membership is invitation only. If you show an interest in what we do and put forth your time and effort, you may be awarded that invitation. The website and membership is free of charge, but membership is allowed at our discretion. The people we surround ourselves with will provide the environment needed to test ourselves and take the training to new levels. If you don’t like to push yourself and aren’t willing to change, don’t show up.

You will recieve support from the community we are building, and be allowed access to a wealth of knowledge. You be invited to and face demanding challenges and competitions. You will be held accountable and realize what you need to do to improve your training. You will be guided and challenged with tests to measure progress. Our members consist of warriors, Martial Artists, Marathon runners, Sprint Triathloners, as well as average citezens and people who have dedicated years of their lives to training and are dedicated to test your willpower and your soul. You won’t find a perception of “fitness” here, you will find the real thing. If you want to get “jacked” arms that can’t reach your toes, you are looking in the wrong place. Here is the definition of fitness that we go by… “what is fitness? from Crossfit.

some influences to the website are Crossfit, Ross training, European strength methods and Gym Jones along with conditioning methods used by our military and personal experience. Ours is a hybrid program that uses concepts of their work. We take from it what works for us and discard the rest. The website is constantly evolving and becomes different from week to week. You need to have the Alpha attitude to train here, and constantly strive for excellence. We won’t be bogged down by half ass mindsets or immaturity. This is the direction we are headed. Come with us or don’t waste our time- hell-on-earth-fitness-plan-1.html

I strongly recommend you watch the video on the homepage of Gym Jones for that is the model we follow as far as the environment in our Private site.


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