Gym Rating

Gym Rating

I’ll be perfectly clear on this. We have no “GYM”. Our “GYM” is wherever we decide/ are able to train that day. For most of our members so far and you if you are in the Quantico area and have the opportunity to train with me (Jon S.) however, I have built a training area in my garage that I much prefer over a gym. With dave in there it becomes a Martial Arts Gym/ Club. According to a rating system that I found on this website: I rated our training enviroment in the following way. Before making prejudices as to what the numbers mean and how “good” the environment is, read the rating system and a little about it on the “bullshido” website at the link. You will see that it is more for the style of training than an actual derogatory type thing. Basically the higher the number, the more brutal in most cases (Just read the thing). 5 is average. We are actively looking for trainers to bring in more variety to our training and are very flexible. The rating I gave us is flexible and will go up in specific areas for a period of time depending on who is training there, and who’s competing in what tournament. I encourage you to rate your own enviroment and decide whether it’s what you need to reach your goals. This rating system is only intended for a Martial Arts enviroment. Martial Arts is just a piece of what we do here. We may start taking donations, or eventually charge a fee to improve training conditions and rent a building depending on demand, but this is what we have for now.

7, 4, 5, 7, 10, 4, 5, 7


 6-7: Medium contact with excessive safety gear.Equipment:

7: Between this and the next  (I would say 7 medium contact without excessive gear)

 2-4: Bring your own.

4: With no fees, we don’t have funds to buy extras. We have what we need other than you buying your own cup and mouthguard

 Gym Size:

5: None below really apply. Big 2 car garage dedicated to the training with good flooring (3/4 inch). I think it’s better than a basement. Probably rates 6 or 8 while it’s only us using it. We don’t trip over people. We do reset often though. When we have more members we can always trade off. Two work out while two grapple…

4: But it’s a freakin’ big basement.

5: We train at the park

6: Actual dedicated commercial space, somewhat small but functional.

7: +2

8: Plenty of room to roll/spar without tripping over people

Instructor/Student Ratio:

 6-7: large class but instructor is accessible and oversees most classes.

7: I would say this. Small group. Experienced MCMAP students and quick learners currently teaching themselves. See trainer profiles for more on experience.


 8-10: Open, supportive but challenging, bizarro hippy ass-beating love fest.

10: Love to break necks

Striking Instruction:

4-5: Striking for punching/kicking only and/or limited purposes (demonstration, highly restrictive sport).

4. Limited boxing and what MCMAP teaches of strikes. Limited Muai Thai as well. Again, this is subject to change. We will train striking when the need is there.

Grappling Instruction:

4-5: Limited single sub-range (standing, clinch, ground only).

5: Ground only… So far, however we do adapt to training needs and goals


6-7: Medium contact with excessive safety gear. (some pain and/or wide variety of realistic weapons)

7: Plenty of weapons experience, just need a little more gear. Experienced with knives, guns, rifle, batan, and weapon of opportunity (anything).

I am going to allow the comments on this page in case anyone who has trained with us thinks otherwise and wants to rate us below.

Again, The rating system is found here.

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