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This website came about during a talk between myself (Jon) and my uncle Bryan. We wanted to compete with each other and share information without the high prices of a membership somewhere and found ourselves throwing information back and forth in emails with nowhere to organize and save it. My garage gym was already in place and Bryan and I had both done years of training beforehand. (see more on our personal experience here Dedicated Members) I had recently been trying to follow Gym Jones’ routine and Bryan was following Crossfit. I still do hit a Gym Jones Session once in a while to supplement my other training if it fits in with my goals. Bryan is still training at crossfit swift. You can see him in some of the pictures on . We encourage our members to get professional training if possible and share your work and compete with the rest of us as well. We have had plenty of Marines from my shop come through my garage gym, as well as family, friends and random people drop in to work out once in a while. Some of the model we are following can be found below. For any more information about where we started, check in Introduction, Beginners, mindset, favorites, The Method, and some of the knowledge stuff throughout this blog.

The definition of Fitness we follow.

“what is fitness?

As a ninja is to Martial arts, we are to fitness. Meaning we use any and everything that works efficently and get rid of what’s left over. Some influences to the website are Gym Jones, Crossfit, Ross training,, RKC, European strength methods, Parkour techniques, Nutritionists along with conditioning methods used by our military and my personal experience as a Marine. Ours is a hybrid program that uses concepts of their work. We take from it what works for us and discard the rest. The website is constantly evolving and becomes different from week to week. This article was written about Gym Jones, and falls in line with some of what we do – hell-on-earth-fitness-plan-1.html