Power Standard/ Challenges

Below is a list of personal bests achieved through  discipline, dedication, and perseverance of the individual.  We will continue to make updates as they come. Efforts highlighted in Blue meet the power Standard (Note that some don’t have a Power standard available for comparison).


Jon- 185 lbs

Bryan- 170 lbs

Deadlift: (Power Standard = 2x Bodyweight)
Jon- 295# (Oct 2009)
Bryan- 255#  —–(May 2010)
Jessica- 155#  —–(June 2010)
Front Squat: (Power Standard = 1.5x Bodyweight)
Bryan- 115#
Jon- 155#
Back Squat:
Jon- 195#  —–(June 2010)
Bryan- 175#

Jess- 115  —–(June 2010)

Power Clean: (Power Standard = 1x Bodyweight)
Jon- 185#  —–(Sep 1 2010)
Bryan- 155#
Clean and Jerk: (Power Standard = 1x Bodyweight)
Jon- 155#  —–(Aug 2010)
Bryan- 145#
Clean and Press:
Jon- 155#  —–(Apr 2010)
Push- Jerk:
Bryan: 145#
Push- Press:
Jon: 155#
Bryan: 135#
Strict- Press:
Jess: 75#  —–(Apr 2010)
Jon: 125#  —–(June 28 2010)
2000m Row: (Power Standard = <7:15)
900m Row:
Bryan- 9:30 (This is based on my having done 5k in 23:00.  I haven’t specifically timed myself for just 2000m)
Jon- 95# (x5 reps. Not Max)
Bryan- 115#
Bench Press: (Power Standard = 1x Bodyweight)
Jon- 185# (not max)
Box Jump:
Jon- 33″
Dead-Hang pullups: (Power Standard 20. Perfect Marine Corps PFT)
Jon- 18
Bryan- 14
Dave- 16
Weighted Pull-Ups: (Power Standard = 50% of Bodyweight)
Jon- +69#
Dave- +50#
AAI Level 3 test (Power Standard = > 20:00 and 14 pullups)      —–Test
Jon: 19:50 w/ 16 pullups
Bryan: 14:37 w/14 pullups
AAI Level 2 test
AAI Level 1 test
Old Rag Mountain time:
Jon, Dave, Jess- 5:18:00
400m Swim:
Bryan- 8:07
20K Bike:
Bryan- 47:02
Sprint Triathlon time:
Bryan- 1:30:25
880m Sprint:
Jon- 2:32 (I’ve been faster in boots but forgot the time)
5K Time:
Jon- 22:10
Bryan- 26:00
10K Time:
Jon- 1:00:03
Jon- 1:30:48
Jon- 2:12:19
Half Marathon Time:
Jon- 2:21:50
Jon- 2:51:20
Jon- 3:33:29
Jon- 4:19:07
Jon- 5:05:40
Marathon Time:
Jon- 5:24
USMC PFT: ( >225= 1st Class)
Jon: 247
USMC CFT: ( >270= 1st Class)
Jon: 281
Crossfit Total: ( Strict Press+ Back Squat+ Dead-lift= total ) CFTotal.pdf
Jon- 590#
Bryan- 565#
Jess- 270#
Secret Service KB Snatch Test: (Power Standard 150+) More here
Jonesworthy: The Workout
Bar-Barians Requirements: (40 DIPS, 20 PULL UPS,50 PUSH UPS, 5 MUSCLE UPS WITHIN 6 MINUTES) Bar-Barians Page
Tame “The Beast”
To be inducted into THE BEAST TAMER Hall of Fame, you need to be able to perform:
  • One 48kg pistol (choose which leg)
  • One 48kg press (choose which arm)
  • One 48kg weighted tactical pullup
Bar-baric Pullups:
5 sets of max pull-ups using strict form and a full ROM. You are allowed 1 minute of rest between each set and each set ends once you come off the bar.
Jon- 30

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