Strong man

Below is what Dave and I did on Wednesday. The title is strong man for the body-bag lift that was similar to a strongman competition.

Warmup- 1 pullup the first minute, two pullups in the second minute, 3 in the third etc… until failure

Jon- Finished 8 minutes and got 8 in the 9th (44 total)

Dave- Finished 7 minutes and got 5 in the 8th (33 total)

then some strength…

  • Bodybag clean 190# (Clean from floor and place on a shoulder high shelf.)

Jon- Completed 4

Dave- Completed 3

  • Barbell Snatch x4 @ 95#, then 10x @65#

2 rounds Finisher…

  • Ring Dips x5
  • KB Snatch x6 each
  • Ring Pushups x10
  • Ring Row x10

This is similar to the bag lifts we did. Atlas Stone Record

This guy is crazy. Dan Osman

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